VRcast ® Pulse Oximeter Fingertip VRC01 Oxygen Saturation Monitor, SpO2 and Heart Rate Monitoring with LED Display

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  • Accurate and precise infrared based measurement, 3-6 Months Warranty, T and C Apply
  • Fully covered under amazon warranty policy
  • Very quick testing. One button operation. Smart auto shutdown
  • The spo2 and heart rate measurement. Soft silica gel finger mold. The blue-white combination color model is the economy model
  • Multiple views for display orientation LED display for clear results. Perfect for home use. Lightweight and portable
Multi Function Pulse OximeterAccurate ReadingsAAA Standard Batteries
Multu FunctionLightweight materialand compact structure make thiis ABS Body Pulse Oximeter an easy device to take on the go.Device is for all ages, but fingers that are too small show mixed results.Device adjusts for small to large fingersAccurate ReadingQuick and easy information regarding your blood oxygen levels.Accurate ReadingThis Latest Pulse Oximeter uses updated software technology that ensures reading to be quick and precise.The user’s finger must be placed in with the button pressed to turn on and measure.The device measures radial pulse. The BPM range is 30-240BPMAAA BatteriesStandard Easily Available AAA Pencil Cell BatteriesNo need Charging. The Standard AAA batteries can last upto 30 Days of use easilyPlease Ensure you follow correct placement while inserting batteries.

Accurate and Reliable:

The Perfusion Index and Plethysmograph Waveform will helps you determine the accuracy of your reading.

Bright OLED Display:

Bright Display OLED Technology allows use in open – from dark surrounding to bright sunlight.

Portable and Lightweight:

The small size of the oximeter makes it easy for you to carry around in your everyday life.

How to ensure the accuracy of your measurement?

1. Moving too fast will affect the accuracy; try to stay still while waiting for your reading.

2. Avoid nail polish or long nails on the finger used for the reading. Fingers should not be wet at all either.

3. Ring finger, middle finger and index finger are recommended as suitable monitor position

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