Set Wet Deodorant Spray Perfume, 150ml (Cool, Charm and Mischief Avatar, Pack of 3)

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  • Each of these deos prevent body odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits and other areas of the body.
  • These fragrances for men are perfect for your day out, be it shopping, movies or just chilling!
  • Turn on the charm and improve your confidence without saying a word. Every day. Fragrance Family : Fresh
  • Check out the full range of Set Wet men’s deodorants and perfume sprays.
  • Set Wet body sprays, deodorants and men’s perfume sprays are safe for use on both body and clothes.
  • Feel like the king with Cool Avatar deodorant. Awaken the love guru with Charm Avatar. Or, simply make them go “OMG!” with Swag Avatar deodorant for men. 3 Deos in 1 solid deo combo for men!
  • Cool Avatar: Long-lasting fresh topnotes of mint, ginger & vetiver. Charm Avatar: Musky scent of lavender, cardamom & peppermint. Swag Avatar: Strong fresh burst of citrus, patchouli, sandalwood.

Product description

Design:Deodorant Spray Perfume

Set Wet Cool Avatar deodorant for men: Feel like the king of sun and sand with the Set Wet Cool Avatar deodorant for men. This deo is hand-picked for the sporty man like you! You enter and the beach-vibe comes alive. Your personality makes others want to engage with you. You are sporty, you are cool. Enjoy the breezy fragrance of Set Wet Cool Avatar men’s deo. It has a fresh breath of mint and ginger, with woody under tones, a whiff of musk and a long lasting trail of vetiver. Make Set Wet your coolness buddy. You avatar is Cool Avatar. Set Wet Charm Avatar deodorant for men: Switch on your charm and bring Lovistaan alive every morning! You know what they want. You are not afraid to make the first move. You are 100% compatible with every sun sign. Feel like the real love guru with Set Wet Charm Avatar men’s deodorant. This deo has an attractive musky fragrance with a whiff of lavender, accents of cardamom and a trace of peppermint. Don your Charm Avatar and make this Set Wet deodorant spray perfume your plus one. Set Wet Mischief Avatar deodorant for men: Are you ready for some mischief? Switch on fun-mode with the Set Wet Mischief Avatar men’s deodorant. Be the bright spot of the day – the fun guy who is in every friend circle. If your love giving quirky comebacks, if your jokes and memes get the likes, if your harmless pranks are the talk of town, this men’s deo is perfect for you! Set Wet Mischief Avatar deo with a feisty fragrance with the zesty scent of many spices, whispers of rosewood and a highlight of apples & melon. Make Set Wet your bro. Your avatar is Mischief Avatar. Set Wet Avatar range of deodorants for men is a burst of colour, energy, and passion that comes with the prime of youth. It is a collection sunny, sporty and charming fragrance for men that are perfectly suited to deliver to your varying avatars. Set Wet Avatar range of deo for men prevent body odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits and other areas of the body. This range of deodorant spray for men are perfect for everyday use, and can be used on both body and clothes. Set Wet is a Brand with an agenda of making men feel great again by bringing back confidence in them. With its range of hair gel, wax, men’s deodorants, body spray for men and men’s perfume, Set Wet offers the idea that the way to gain admiration from peers lay in enhancing their playful, sexy, charming side. The brand partners him in showcasing the very best of him with a simple motto: ‘It’s Not Sexy Till You Show It’, or as we say ‘Sada Sexy Raho’.

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